Friday, December 10, 2010

Education on the Adoption Tax Credit

Hey guys! Your accountant doesn't know what to do on your behalf if you don't tell them. Read this quick article to educate yourself on the Adoption Tax Credit. It takes about twenty to thirty minutes to read, and it could make you some quick cash! I had a client who thought she could claim '0' on her tax returns. Now she is claiming the entire $13,000 + because of what she learned in this short article! So please, for your sake - and for the sake of your pocket book! READ THIS

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mmsunseri said...

My heart goes out to you 3 mothers promoting such a beautiful thing. I am living in California and stumbled upon your site through Ashley Ann's page. My husband and I have been hoping to adopt a 3rd child for years now. We have a 5 and 6 year old and would love to complete our family with one more but I can not have any more children naturally. We are finding the adoption process here in California to be extremely costly and almost not possible. So sad to see so many children with no homes still. :(