Monday, October 25, 2010

Adoption Option, Number 1

In the next few days, or weeks, we are going to give you the Adoption Options as they stand in Oklahoma. So today, the first option available to families, is through the Department of Human Services. To make it simple and to the point. There are mainly two ways in which you may adopt children through DHS.

The first way to adopt a child through the Department of Human Services (hereinafter DHS) is to foster children. Click HERE to find out how to become a foster parent. The good side of this is that you do not have to pay to become a foster parent, in fact, you are paid to foster children in the State of Oklahoma. In addition, the children will have their own health insurance, DHS will pay for daycare if it is needed, and you will receive a monthly stipend. The downside to this, you have DHS in your home, you are restricted in your parenting methods (such as discipline) and you MUST take a training course, which is about seven weeks. But again, I must point is biblical, and it is FREE. In addition, if the child placed in your home becomes eligible for adoption, the legal services finalizing the adoption are paid for by OKDHS. Therefore, this is really the only FREE method of adoption in Oklahoma.

The second way is to apply to adopt a "waiting child". These children are typically older children, mixed races, sibling groups or special needs. But wonderful, beautiful, loving little creations that need a home and a forever family. Click HERE on how to adopt through DHS. The only expense to the family is the medical exam that each family member must have prior to finalization. Click HERE to see some of the precious children right here in Oklahoma, waiting on a family.

So that is lesson number one on adoption options....please ask questions and check back for updates and answers to those questions.
***It was brought to my attention that you may have to pay for a physical which costs approximately $50. You will incur this cost!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Oklahoma Statistics.....

In Oklahoma, we are never forced to face the facts. Here are some hard facts that came from a recent audit done of the Oklahoma Department of Human Services (OKDHS). Although DHS does the best that it can with the resources available. Following are some recent (2007) statistics. Here are the top ten:

10. Only sixty (60) percent of children removed from their homes by the State are ever reunified with their parents.

9. In 2007 alone, 573 children aged out of the foster care system....and were never adopted.

8. Only 40% of children adopted from DHS are adopted from their foster care parents.

7. In 2007, 506 children who were waiting adoption had been in the system for MORE than five years.

6. The average age of a child adopted through DHS is 6.5 years old.

5. Eleven (11) percent of children are placed in permanent guardianship's, eight (8) percent age out of the system, Nineteen (19) percent of children are adopted and sixty (60) percent are reunified. The other two (2) percent of children either run away or die in foster care.

4. Forty-six (46) percent of children in foster care are adopted by their family.

3. Sadly, in Oklahoma, 20% of waiting children are African American while only 11% are being adopted, 15% of children are Hispanic while only 12% are being adopted, 22% are multiracial and only 16% are being adopted, 8% are native american and 11% are being adopted, and 35% of children are Caucasian and a staggering 49% are being adopted. Clearly Caucasian children are being preferred.

2. Once a child reaches the age of 9, the likelihood of being adopted drops significantly.

1. 4,628 foster children in Oklahoma are waiting to be adopted.

There is something that you can do. Call 1-866-512-2565.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reminder for Foster Care Support Groups - Tulsa County

I recently met with a neat lady who leads a Foster Care Support Group in the Tulsa County Area. Although, anyone is invited to attend these meetings. Maryleta Ayers is the President of Tulsa County Resource Family Association. They basically support foster families and children in foster care. Maryleta is passionate about what she does. And she does not just speak about foster parenting, she is a foster parent. AND she is an adoptive parent, to the tune of NINE children, either biological, fostering or adopting. And I don't mean she has only had nine children in her home. I mean she has (and I hope I get this right) three biological, three adopted and she is fostering three that she soon hopes to adopt! She is a wealth of information.
In addition, it is my understanding that foster parents have a type of "continued education" they must complete every year. Maryleta says attending this support group qualifies you for one credit! So not only do you get the support of sharing with other foster parents, you get credit for it! This is a win win!!!

The meetings are on the SECOND Monday of every month at Christ United Methodist Church on 36th and Harvard at 7:00 p.m. If you would like to contact Maryleta directly, you may do so at or on her cell 918-698-0252. If you are a foster parent, this is a MUST!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Financial Resources for Adoption!

One of the major struggles for families (and a reasonable one) is having the finances to pay for adoption! Adoption can be fairly expensive. When you add up attorney's fees, possible agency fees, home study, filing fees, travel expenses, and any medical or birth mother expenses, the total amount can be overwhelming! We are so excited to tell you about a Christian Program that we have found that helps relieve that burden! Lifesong is a's main philosophy is making God's calling in your life possible, by offering many programs to help families adopt children! What a beautiful ministry. They have programs that offer choices such as matching grants or interest free loans! If you are not considering adopting because you believe that you can not obtain the funds, please read this site and contact this Ministry to see if they can help make your dreams of becoming a family come true.

Click HERE to go directly to their website!