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There are probably a thousand things we could change about the adoption laws....seriously...from taxes, to relinquishments, children's rights, etc. But we will go one by one. Our goal is to Promote Oklahoma Adoptions. We will not just stop after the law is changed, we will probably have a new task. Ok - we WILL have a new task. So with that said, we have a TON of exciting news here are a few highlights.

1. Radio Show - 93.3 KKNG is going to be hosting US to talk about Promote Oklahoma Adoption and our law changes!!!! HOLY cow! So - we will be giving you a heads up - so that you can hear what we have to say.

2. Fox 25 News - We will hopefully have some exciting news this week about Fox 25 - in OKC!!!

3. Rep. Fred Jordan has requested a copy of "Coopers Law"....wanna drop him a line and let him know you support it???
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Capitol Address:
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 557-7331

Tell Fred you would like to see him become involved.

4. And here is where we are getting the real 1000....On facebook, we have almost 800 right now...get on facebook and invite the max of 60 people...right now, drop all you are doing...and lets hit 1000.....

Have a great week....but the goal....Thousand by Thursday - hit it peeps!!!!!


Molly said...

I love you and I THANK GOD that you are doing this with me! Thanks for keeping me moving on this and encouraging everyone else to get involved!

I love you and thank God for your passion!

Jeremy and Angela said...

I can't find you on Facebook. Help?

Molly said...

I don't know your last name Angela. Request friendship from either Becki Francy or Molly Shockley and we'll invite you to join the cause! Sorry about that! Thanks for the comment!