Thursday, May 14, 2009

I had no idea...

I had no idea that this incredible federal adoption tax credit was only temporary until Holden's mommy pointed it out to me!

That's right, it is to expire in December 2010!
We need your help in getting the word out that this tax credit needs to stay!
I realize most of you know of the cost of adoption. In domestic adoption it varies depending on the agency or attorney you are using, but typically it's at least $15,000. I am not saying it should be cheaper, in fact, I wish we could actually pay our agency more. They have an incredible ministry in adoption and pregnancy services. But, I am saying that the deduction is a great way to promote adoption. It's truly the only reason we have been able to adopt back to back like we have.
I am scared to think that if this goes away, we could not afford to adopt again.
Becki pointed out something else. If you are not really fond of tax credits look at it this way, you are either funding these children through DHS because they are not being adopted domestically because no one can afford it, or your tax dollars are used to help fund adoptions. And it's actually cheaper to fund the credit than DHS. She's such a smart thinker!
So here's how you can help...

Check out the bill that is in the beginning stages!

post this button to your blog:

Thanks for your support, yet again!

And in case you are wondering where we've been...
We finalized on Sadie's adoption on Tuesday and were focused on getting our stuff together for court!


G & H said...

I posted a similar post a little while back ( and will repost today :) but I wrote Elton Gallegly and other reps for my state and received personalized letters back from all of them! it was awesome

we all need to keep writing keep picthing in to keep this tax credit!

Melodie said...

that's a great point Becki made, which i never would have thought about. hope these posts will help make a change. i want to have lots of little ones! :)

Jamila said...

I need help posting posting the buttons.

Becki Francy said...

Thanks Melodie - Tax credits encourage people to adopt children here, causing less children to be in state's custody - and are a benefit to adopt children already in DHS custody here in the State.