Friday, June 12, 2009

Caring for the fatherless

First, I want to thank you for all of you that have been following us and praying for the children that I mentioned a couple of posts back.

Sadly, I have not heard from anyone willing to open their home to these kids. Please continue to pray that God speaks clearly to the family He has already chosen for this sibling group.

I mentioned in the last post about Adopt(ed) and I have enjoyed reading through some of their posts. One thing that Charissa mentioned that I thought was such a wonderful point for domestic adoption was this...

"Just because we do not have orphanages in the United States does not mean we don't have orphans."

So many times we think that our system is better than so many other countries because we don't have orphanages. As Christians, we need to care for these children.

So, here is what I am asking. The teacher (Michelle) that brought this sibling group to my attention has given me more information. The children are girl (5), boy (7) and girl (9). They were taken from their foster home and put into a safe home and they lost everything they called their own. They don't have any of their clothes, none of their toys...nothing to call their own or remind them of what they once called home.

Michelle is wanting to know if anyone would be willing to help remind them of God's love and plan for their life. She is wanting to put together some goodies for them just to make them smile and remind them they are loved.

I would love to collect things if you want to help out. The youngest girl wears a 4T and loves to dress up and also play pirate. So cute! The boy wears a 6-7 and loves anything Spiderman and Batman. The oldest girl loves to draw and be creative and wears a size 7-8. I will take anything and even will take money and I will buy the items if that's easier for you.

I feel like this is the least that we can do to love on these children in such a difficult time for them. They are old enough to understand so much of what's going on and they feel the stress and anxiety of being moved out of their foster home.

My PO Box is 5692 Edmond OK 73083 (Molly Shockley). Please only send money through the PO box as it is a small box. If you are going to collect items, please comment and we can find a way that I can come and get them. Michelle (the oldest girl's teacher) is wanting to give them the goodies in about a week!

Thanks for helping in any way that you can!

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Charissa said...

OK so I'm just noticing this blog because you linked to it from your personal blog. Yay, I'm so happy to have found it! I'd like to hear more about what you are doing. Can you do a blog post about the different ways to adopt in Oklahoma? We are interested in a DHS adoption but were informed we can have a maximum of only six kids in our home. Wondering what other options there are for bigger families.