Monday, July 13, 2009

Private Adoption - Option Number 3

So there really is a third option. You can privately adopt a child, without going through an agency and without going through DHS (to some extent). Here is how it works. Find someone willing to place their child up for adoption. That is the trick! Seriously - I know it sounds weird, and I am sure to you sounds a little ridiculous! But it has happened to me TWICE. We told people that we were considering adopting a child. And TWO times we were contacted by families about adopting their children. If you have read my story - you remember that my husband and I were going to adopt a little girl from Texas. Literally - a lady from our church had an old friend from highschool, who had a thirteen year old daughter who was pregnant! And that was it! Obviously you still have to do a homestudy and background check (DHS) but you can literally pay for an attorney for the birthparents (if they request one) and then hire your own attorney to finalize the adoption. You don't HAVE to use an adoption agency and you don't HAVE to go through DHS foster care or waiting child.

However, and this is a big HOWEVER. Be very careful of whom you hire. Many attorney's will be willing to do your adoption. But you want to be careful that you know the right questions to ask. You understand the billing arrangements. You know what you will be paying for. You have a good working relationship with an attorney you trust. In my book - ask someone you know who has adopted and ask for their attorney. Chances are - you will have a similar experience . (A post coming soon on how to pick an attorney and questions to ask!)
Obviously - our practice The Patterson Law Firm does these types of adoptions. We have clients who have "found" children (for lack of a better word) and we have assisted them in terminating the parents rights and in adopting their children. There are draw backs to private adoptions. We do not provide services for the birthparents, we do not provide follow up with you or counseling for your family. We simply do the legal work. For some - this is the best option, as they avoid the expense of an agency. And I assure you that if you are strapped for cash - this is likely the only option.
To each their own. Not everything works for everyone! So read all three options and choose the best option for your family!

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