Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reminder for Foster Care Support Groups - Tulsa County

I recently met with a neat lady who leads a Foster Care Support Group in the Tulsa County Area. Although, anyone is invited to attend these meetings. Maryleta Ayers is the President of Tulsa County Resource Family Association. They basically support foster families and children in foster care. Maryleta is passionate about what she does. And she does not just speak about foster parenting, she is a foster parent. AND she is an adoptive parent, to the tune of NINE children, either biological, fostering or adopting. And I don't mean she has only had nine children in her home. I mean she has (and I hope I get this right) three biological, three adopted and she is fostering three that she soon hopes to adopt! She is a wealth of information.
In addition, it is my understanding that foster parents have a type of "continued education" they must complete every year. Maryleta says attending this support group qualifies you for one credit! So not only do you get the support of sharing with other foster parents, you get credit for it! This is a win win!!!

The meetings are on the SECOND Monday of every month at Christ United Methodist Church on 36th and Harvard at 7:00 p.m. If you would like to contact Maryleta directly, you may do so at homeofmany@yahoo.com or on her cell 918-698-0252. If you are a foster parent, this is a MUST!

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