Saturday, October 2, 2010

Financial Resources for Adoption!

One of the major struggles for families (and a reasonable one) is having the finances to pay for adoption! Adoption can be fairly expensive. When you add up attorney's fees, possible agency fees, home study, filing fees, travel expenses, and any medical or birth mother expenses, the total amount can be overwhelming! We are so excited to tell you about a Christian Program that we have found that helps relieve that burden! Lifesong is a's main philosophy is making God's calling in your life possible, by offering many programs to help families adopt children! What a beautiful ministry. They have programs that offer choices such as matching grants or interest free loans! If you are not considering adopting because you believe that you can not obtain the funds, please read this site and contact this Ministry to see if they can help make your dreams of becoming a family come true.

Click HERE to go directly to their website!

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J+TMcLamb said...

Thanks for the information! I will place a link to this on my blog for my friends who are adopting. :)